Handcrafted benches and banquets

We are a Romanian manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of handcrafted, high quality, innovative design and material furniture.

We offer a wide range of chairs, tables, armchairs and banquets to suit any room and provide exceptional comfort. All our products are handmade and high quality materials are used.

Regardless of whether it is the furnishing of the living room, the kitchen or the dining room, the furniture plays an important role from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. Practically speaking, furniture is the main element that can determine the way an interior takes shape and how each square meter of space becomes fruitful. At derSchuh you will find a range of chairs, tables, armchairs and banquettes that will perfectly suit any room in your home.

✔ Benches and benches made of natural buffalo leather, handmade and steel frame

When choosing furniture for your home, you need to consider that both the color and material match the rest of the items in the room. Due to the variety of colors, materials and textures, derStuhl products can be easily integrated into any interior style.

Benches for living room and dining room

Integrates the bench into the living room as an elegant accessory. If you need a bench for your living room, you can consider several options. Firstly, it should perfectly reflect your personality and fit well with the rest of the room.

Benches for the kitchen and dining area

It maximizes the functionality of the kitchen space. When considering a bench for the kitchen, consider that it is wide enough to allow several people to sit at the same time. Also, make sure the material is genuine leather (because you never know who might be left-handed while enjoying their coffee).

Benches for the office and work area

Enjoy the functionality and comfort of office banquets. An office bench helps you to carry out your activities under optimal conditions and without stress. Choose a durable material to enjoy a piece that will stand up to time and suit the changes you make to the overall decoration.

Benches for bar, terrace, cafe, restaurant

A bar stool is a useful and practical piece of furniture. At derStuhl you will find comfortable benches made of natural buffalo leather. Choose a bench for your bar, patio, cafe or restaurant from a variety of styles and Scandinavian inspiration.