Industrial chairs, tables, benches are a must-have

One of the most important areas in your home is the living room , dining room, kitchen or bedroom. However, a family spends a lot of time at the dinner table. Here you don't just eat, you also play, celebrate, laugh and make plans for the future.

Since the pandemic, the dining area is not only the area where you eat, but it is also often used as an office. Many of our customers have realized that they haven't paid enough attention to this room.

Not only the table , but also the chairs or armchair are important.

Comfortable chairs are a must-have in a dining room .

Of course, design, quality and price are very important features when it comes to choosing our furniture. Most of the elegant and timeless pieces of furniture made of leather and wood are handmade in our studio in your desired color. We therefore constantly pay great attention to ensuring that all of our chairs , benches , sofas , armchairs and tables are not only comfortable and of high quality, but that we also delight our customers visually.

Once you have found the right shape and comfort of our chairs and tables, you have the option to choose from different colors.

In our offer we have a large selection of industrial style chairs, tables, benches or armchairs. The black details of the tables and chairs make the wood and leather shine. Make the ultimate statement in your home with an industrial chair and table.

“A chair is only a chair when someone sits on it.” HJW

We produce better quality chairs, tables, sofas, benches and armchairs than XXXLutz , Leiner , Ikea , Kika , Jysk , Idealo , Home24 , Ludwig , Moebelix and Moemax .