Material selection - color palette

Matt Velvet - velvet fabric

The velvet fabric is covered with a special protective coating that creates a water-repellent layer that prevents liquids from quickly seeping through. The liquid condenses on the surface of the
Material, which prevents the liquid from being immediately absorbed into the fabric. This allows for quick cleaning of the spill with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Matt Velvet Matt Velvet Matt Velvet 09 Matt Velvet Matt Velvet 48 Matt Velvet Matt Velvet 63 Matt Velvet Matt Velvet 74 Matt Velvet Matt Velvet 77 Matt Velvet Matt Velvet 93
Etna Fabric - Woven Fabric
The woven fabrics can consist of natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, linen or of viscose or acetate, fibers made of cellulose (wood) that have been chemically processed, as well as purely chemical fibers: polyester, polyacrylic, polyamide, polyurethane or all others Synthetic fibers or a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers or different natural fibers, or an admixture of elastane, for elasticity where the area of ​​use requires it.
These fabrics are made from plastic fibers, such as polyacrylic (PAN), polyester (PES), polyamide (PA) or polypropylene (PP). These materials can have a very authentic feel like wool or cotton, but are even more durable, colorfast and durable and are also more cost-effective.
Woven fabric: Most fabric chairs are covered in woven fabric. They can be finely woven like a clothing fabric or coarsely woven like a jute bag - it depends on the yarns used. The preview image on our product pages gives you a rough idea. Etna Etna 22 Etna Etna 38 Etna Etna 55 Etna Etna 60 Etna Etna 85 Etna Etna 95
Beech - type of wood
The simple, light beech is currently still preferred by the market, but thanks to targeted marketing, the demand for red beech core is increasing, especially in the furniture and parquet sectors.
Light, homogeneously simple wood with a hard and dense surface, which is characterized by characteristic wood rays. The wood of older trees often has a decorative reddish-brown color core (red core).
The unique color expression of the red-core beech makes it ideal for the production of decorative furniture and interior furnishings with sophisticated design. Because of the low nat. For outdoor use, either classic methods of protecting wood (e.g. sleeper wood) or new, innovative methods of wood modification (e.g. thermal beech) should be used to ensure durability. Beech Beech Colonial L1 Beech Greige Beech Gray L5 Beech Gray Wash Natural beech Natural Beech Beech Black Beech Walnut Beech White 1217