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The interior design of HoReCa locations (hotels, restaurants, offices, event halls or cafés) is a crucial factor in attracting customers and bringing them back to the same location. offers you everything you need for your company, chairs, benches, armchairs, sofas and tables. The products are handmade, contain high-quality materials and correspond to a wide variety of styles: modern, contemporary, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, traditional and classic.

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The HoReCa industry has changed over time, but customers' wishes have remained the same: they want to feel relaxed and a little pampered. Together we can design a modern interior that is completely in line with your brand and overall concept.

Most people value the overall experience in cafes and restaurants, not just serving a coffee or a meal. There are various factors that influence the feeling of your customers, from the interior concept to the colors of the walls, the tables, the design of the chairs, the lighting and even the music.

That's why it's important to work with a team of hospitality experts to ensure your business has a welcoming and comfortable environment and keeps your customers coming back. Use modern buffalo leather chairs in a cafe, comfortable benches in restaurants, solid wood tables and other pieces of furniture to complete the design. Every restaurant or café is inspired to have a special style and beauty with the help of products.

Together we offer your guests the best experience and create unique HoReCa interiors.

A restaurant or cafe can stand out for its captivating and charming appearance, and pubs or bars can influence people's good mood. We also included wineries in this category because we noticed a trend toward creating places where everyone can feel comfortable tasting cheese and wine.

A hotel is not just accommodation, but a comprehensive service. The competition in this area of ​​activity is very high and differentiation occurs through the interior design and the furniture chosen.

More and more hotels are redesigning their interiors due to new trends and because they are trying to make their guests feel at home. Over the years, we have taken into account our customers' needs and preferences and adapted both our design services and the collection of products we produce.

A well-designed work environment promotes development and creates a positive atmosphere. The innovation lies in our design-oriented solutions that transform the office space into a functional, optimal and healthier environment.

In recent years we have noticed that there is a focus on remodeling offices and workplaces to create a more welcoming and modern atmosphere. The reception has been transformed into an attractive lounge with comfortable furniture and the meeting room has inspiring conference chairs and trendy tables. Office chairs tend to be more visually appealing without sacrificing functionality.

We would be happy to help you with our furniture products to increase the well-being of your team through the entire ambience.

A business-to-business concept.