Finding the right dining table

A dining table is not only a functional piece of furniture, but also a central meeting point in our home. Whether you regularly entertain guests or just enjoy meals with your family, the right size of the dining table plays an important role in comfort and functionality. In this blog article we will give you some helpful tips on how to find the perfect dimensions for your dining table.

  1. Consider room size and shape: Before you start looking for a dining table, it is important to consider the size and shape of the room in which the table will be placed. Measure the room carefully, including the space available for chairs and the movement area around the table. Also pay attention to any door openings and other furniture that might limit the space.

  2. Determine the number of seats: Consider how many people will normally be seated at the dining table. If you have guests often, you may want to consider a larger table. A good rule of thumb is to allocate around 60 cm to 70 cm of table width for each diner in order to have enough space for plates, glasses and cutlery.

  3. Consider the table shape: The shape of the dining table can also play a role in choosing the right dimensions. Rectangular or oval tables are often more flexible when it comes to adapting to different room sizes, while round or square tables can create a cozier atmosphere in smaller rooms. Keep in mind that some table shapes may make it more difficult to add additional seating if necessary.

  4. Don't neglect comfort: In addition to the dimensions, the comfort of the people sitting at the table is also very important. Make sure to provide enough legroom so everyone can sit comfortably. A distance of around 25 cm to 30 cm between the edge of the table and the seat should be enough to ensure a comfortable position.

  5. Try it: If possible, visit furniture stores or exhibitions to try out different dining tables. Sit at the tables, put your legs under the table and check whether the height and sitting position are comfortable for you. This can help you get a better feel for what dimensions and shapes will best suit you and your space.

    In conclusion, choosing the right dimensions for your dining table is a careful consideration process. By considering the room size, number of seats, table shape and comfort level, you can find a dining table that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing and fits perfectly into your home.