Finding the right dimensions for your dining table

Determine dining table dimensions

You want to buy a new dining table that invites you to feel comfortable in a cozy ambience and is a real eye-catcher at the same time. Truly unique! Are you facing this problem and really don't know what size your table should be? In this guide we will help you calculate the best table size. We recommend planning with the following dimensions:

Minimum height per seat: 60cm (Generous per seat: 80cm)

Optimal seat height: 60 cm

If your table is also used on the sides, you will need 40 cm more on each side. As in the example. The ideal length for your dining table would be as shown in the picture. Table dimensions

If you sit at either end of the table, make sure the depth for each headboard is at least 40cm . You should also pay attention to the following when it comes to table width. To ensure sufficient room depth, we recommend a minimum depth of 40 cm per person. To create more space for dishes and table decorations, place approximately, say, 20cm .

Minimum: 80 cm

Optimal: 100 cm

Generous: 120 cm table dimensions

Table height
We recommend an optimal table height of 76 cm, which is common for all our tables. If desired, we can have the height of the table adjusted to your requirements.